• First Steps mediation for local, professional and experienced mediators

  • First Steps Mediation are accredited with the The Mediators' Institute of Ireland

  • First Steps offer a simple low-cost method of resolving a range of civil disputes out of court

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Our mediators are LLPs and accredited by The Mediators' Institute of Ireland

Mediation can be a flexible, speedy and cost effective way to resolve disputes. It is a confidential process that enables both parties to explain and then discuss what their needs and concerns are to each other in the presence of an independent third party - the mediator - so that they reach an agreement between themselves.

Why choose Mediation?

Mediation is useful in a variety of disputes including: formally ending a relationship, disagreements about children, conflict resolution, neighbour disputes

  • Cost - Taking the traditional legal route can be expensive. Mediation is more affordable.
  • Time - The traditional legal route can be slow. Mediation can wrap things up in months rather than years.
  • Informal - Mediation does not impose a judgement, it facilitates discussion so parties can come to an agreement.
  • Flexible - Mediation is flexible and can cater to stright-forward needs when an apology may be all that is required.

Why First Steps Mediation?

  • Experience There are not many practising solicitor mediators. As qualified solicitors and mediators First Steps Mediation can apply 25 years of legal experience
  • Location Just a few minutes from Belfast city centre